How to...

Here we give you a short introduction to the app and explain the most important features of the app, such as the automations and the wish list.


Welcome to Financial.

After starting the app for the first time,
you select your current amount once.

If you have not yet
downloaded, click here.

In the tab "New income?" you can
simply add money,
by clicking in the box
and typing in your amount.


Automations are one of
of our main features.
You can set up recurring payments
very easily.
The automation only needs
a name, the amount of money
the cycle and the start date
and the automation is ready to go.

In the "Other expenses?" tab you can
simply deduct money,
by clicking in the field and
entering your amount.


The wish list is, next to
the automations, our
second main feature.
You can enter your wishes
and check them off easily.
The wish list only needs
the name and the amount
that the wish costs you and
your wish is already entered.

For example, it's up to you whether you or whether you set the app in German or English. It is important to us that the app
offers a wide range of individual settings.
For example, it is up to you
whether you want to secure the app with Face ID / Touch ID
or whether you set the app
in German or English.

You don't want
to receive notifications?
Then turn them off.
Do you want to rate from the app?
Or directly visit the website?
No problem!


If you have further questions
that haven't been answered here,
just drop us a email
via .