[April 19, 2023] - We are pleased to announce that Financial is among the few selected individuals who have been invited to this year's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) by Apple.

The WWDC is an annual conference organized by Apple that is geared towards software developers. Here, the company presents its latest technologies and developments, provides insights into the future of iOS, macOS, and more, and offers developers the opportunity to exchange ideas on the latest trends and technologies.

As one of the few selected developers, we have the opportunity to participate in workshops and seminars by leading experts and network with other developers. These experiences will help us expand our skills as developers.

In addition to attending the WWDC, we will also take our Instagram and TikTok followers along with us and provide them with insights into our experiences at the conference. We will show what we have learned and what new technologies and developments Apple will bring to the market.

The WWDC is an important milestone in our career.

[April 05, 2023]


Our invitation to the WWDC.

[June 02, 2023]


Finally arrived in San Francisco.

[June 05, 2023]

Apple Park

The incredible Apple Park.

[June 05, 2023]

Apple Vision Pro

WOW. Apple Vision Pro.

[June 05, 2023]

Apple Vision Pro

Many thanks to every single person who has supported me up to this point.